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Bike Sizing

Bike Sizing is not the same as Bike Fitting the two are completely different in that a bike Fit is the fine tuning of your setup on the bike to ensure comfort, injury prevention & getting the most out of your cycling enjoyment or Performance. Whereas Bike Sizing can be the very first step into the Sport of Cycling making sure that you purchase the correct size bike frame to meet your cycling goals, whether that be just for commuting to work by bike, leisurely weekend rides or racing, having the wrong size bike will make the experience of cycling down right uncomfortable & susceptible to injury. 

Here at Performance Bike Fit we are now able to take key body measurements to ensure that you purchase the correct size bike for your cycling needs and as we don't actually sell bikes we will be able to advise on the correct size bike from over 213 different bike brands in our extensive database.

We can now Setup our Bike Sizing Jig to replicate the ideal Frame Size so we can test that it suits you correctly. (Pre-Purchase Bike Fit/ Sizing Sessions Only)


We can also help you find your next Bike based on the Measurements of your existing Bike, giving you a seamless transition from one bike to the next, as not all Bike Brands measure their bikes in the same way, therefore debunking all the jargon that surrounds bike frame measurements like Stack & Reach for example. 

Once a Bike is selected the system will then recommend an initial Bike Setup which you could then pass onto the Bike Shop you will be purchasing the bike from, but of course you could always bring it back to us & we will set it up with the initial setting for an additional Fee or recommend one of our Bike Fits to fine tune the Fit further.

Initial Bike Setup
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