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Cleat Fitting

Cleat Fitting

The foot is the element that transmits power from the lower limbs to the bicycle wheel. Proper balance of the foot on the pedal allows 100% of the power expressed to be transferred. The connection between man and bicycle is the cleat, which must be correctly oriented under the cycling shoe. idmatch Foot Fitting allows the balance point of the cyclist's foot to be reported directly under the sole of the shoe by means of a laser indicator, making it simple and effective to align the pedal axis with the balance point of the foot.

Cleat Fit

idmatch Cleat Fit is the first system that allows the measurements taken on the foot to be transferred directly to the sole of the shoe. Aligning the cleat with the pedal axis will be simple and extremely precise. Thanks to a laser beam and a goniometric disc, the position and orientation of the cleat will be perfect.

Thanks to a laser beam, the position of the pedal axis under the sole can be exactly aligned with the cleat, thus achieving maximum precision in final positioning.

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The goniometer disc applied to the cleat makes it possible to adjust both the distance of the cleat from the heel and its rotation in relation to the longitudinal axis.

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idmatch Footmeter allows you to quickly and accurately take foot measurements. 

Thanks to a millimeter scale, it is possible to record basic foot measurements with extreme precision.

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idmatch Tiltmeter is the only instrument that allows you to evaluate the attitude of the forefoot when it is under load. This specific analysis makes it possible to understand the behaviour of the foot when pushing on the pedal, noticing any possible pronation or supination.

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idmatch Cleat Fitting is Provided as Part of our Performance BikeFit but can be booked as a Standalone Fit

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