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Saddle Pressure Mapping

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Have we found the Holy Grail to obtaining saddle comfort on the bike?

If you are suffering from Saddle discomfort getting your position analysed with Saddle Pressure Mapping will take the Guess work out of finding that Perfect Saddle that suits your anatomy and then ultimately a more enjoyable and comfortable Bike Ride.

Here at the Performance BikeFit Studio we have invested in the very latest Saddle Pressure Mapping Technology to help us in finding that elusive Saddle and Saddle position to maximize your Saddle comfort on the Bike.

How this technology can help:

This is the same saddle... On the same bike... Under the same rider... But holy smokes! Look at the difference! The craziest thing about this image is that visually, there was no indication that the rider was perched that far forward on the saddle, and the rider themselves were not aware of it either. Our 3D Video analysis showed that they were actually pretty close to being in the right ballpark with regards to saddle height, reach & drop to the Handlebars, cleat placement, and knee/pedal alignment. The problem was that because Saddle Pressure Mapping was not used in the original bike setup, there was no way of knowing what part of the saddle the rider was actually sitting on! the answer to solving saddle discomfort issues is not always going be a new saddle. Your current saddle might be perfectly appropriate, but by getting the saddle in the right position combined with correct Saddle height could alleviate the problem, in fact from our experience the vast majority of clients that come into the Bike Fit Studio complaining of Saddle discomfort is mainly down to incorrect Saddle heigh, Saddle fore/ Aft position or not enough support in their cycling shoe, but of course if the Saddle is not the right Size & Shape to fit your unique anatomy then a new Saddle would be the answer as long as it fitted correctly.

Here's another example, take a look at the above image. See that big yellow spot of pressure on the nose of the saddle on the image on the left? That is enough pressure to cause numbness for the rider. By not using a Saddle Pressure Mapping to see how the rider is actually interacting with their saddle, I would have no way of knowing that pressure spot is there. Without a Saddle Pressure Mapping, I would be completely blind about one of the most important interfaces between the rider and their bike. How would I know whether or not I need to ask them to move back on the saddle, or whether it would be better for the saddle to be moved forward or back underneath them? How would I know if you can't see it? The short answer is that I can't.

By using Saddle Pressure Mapping as part of the Saddle Fitting Service or as Part of our Performance BikeFit is now a complete game changer and gives you the rider a much better Saddle Fitting/Bike Fit outcome.

A Saddle Pressure Mapping system allows me to:

  • See where you are actually sitting on the Saddle in Real-Time

  • Validate Saddle position recommendations

  • Provide insights into pelvic and hip stability

  • Offer alternative saddles to your current one

  • Identify any potential overall position issues

  • Determine appropriate saddle widths

  • Select the correct saddle, the first time, no more guess work

And that is just scratching the surface.

If you are dealing with saddle issues, and want to learn more, then visit the website at, or email to and I will try and answer your questions about how our Performance BikeFit, combined with Saddle Pressure Mapping technology take the guess work out of saddle discomfort issues and get you Riding Faster For Longer in comfort.

Many Athletes have used Performance BikeFit to improve their cycling position. Whether you are a veteran or new to the sport, Performance BikeFit can help you improve your position and improve your enjoyment of cycling indoors and Out.

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