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Pedal Stroke Analysis

  • 1 h
  • 90 British pounds
  • Performance BikeFit Studio

Service Description

Using the Very Latest 4D Motion Capture IMU's to identify Dead Spots in your Pedal Stroke to improve pedalling efficiency, Dead Spot Scores (DSS) pinpoint the magnitude and locations where pedalling velocities lack smoothness along the left and right pedalling cycle. Lack of smoothness is a secondary symptom of sub-optimal pedalling motions. Looking at the right and left DSS values provides insight to the left/right movement imbalances. A “dead spot” is where pedalling power is lost when sub-optimally shifting from one movement pattern to another during a pedalling stroke (such as the shift between the power and recovery phase). Optimal pedalling motions are smooth and apply less stress to the body than sub-optimal pedalling motions. DSS is measured by the foot’s angular velocity, where any deviation from a smooth angular velocity sine curve is considered a dead spot. Each dead spot is represented along the pedalling cycle by a filled circle, and a circle’s size indicates the magnitude of deviation. Since dead spots are caused by many factors. One known cause of a high DSS is the overuse of less powerful secondary muscles (such as hamstrings) over larger primary muscles (such as the glutes).

Contact Details

  • Catherington Lane, Catherington, Waterlooville PO8 0AQ, UK

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